About Five Petal design

Welcome to Five Petal Design! We are glad you are here, stay as long as you like. After your visit we hope you have a smile on your face, a fun gift idea for yourself (or a friend) & a free downloadable for your creative-spirit.

Our designs are passion-inspired, whether it’s coffee related, humorous, encouraging, or one-of-a-kind personalized doodles: If we enjoy it - we’re going to incorporate it in our life & in our products.

We believe being your true self is a gift to the world. You are created unique & with purpose. Free to be you, free to be me - that makes us happy.

At home our table is always open and the coffee pot is ready. We feel the same about our site, our guests & repeat customers: all are welcome here! Come as you are & we hope we leave you smiling.